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Covering Concrete is our Business



THERMA-CRETE Concrete Frost Curing Blankets are a revolutionary new system providing protection to early age concrete, preventing damage from freezing and ensuring development of adequate strength.

The use of the blankets enables concreting

laying to be undertaken in cold ambient conditions, allowing strength development and durability to satisfy service requirements.

Cold weather is generally regarded as being when the average daily ambient air temperature  is less than 5°C or when the air temperature is not greater than 10°C for more than one half of any 24hr period.

Concreting during periods as defined above result in the following complications:

• The degree of saturation of the concrete falls below critical level.

• The concrete freezes before a minimum strength of 3.5MPa has been achieved.

• The hydration reaction of the concrete stops and the concrete does not gain strength


When concrete is being managed under cold weather, concrete must be protected from freezing shortly after being poured. Also concrete must be able to develop required strength for the safe removal of forms while reducing the circumstances where excessive must be applied to help concrete develop the required strength. Other important factors that must be considered are the proper curing conditions that prevent cracking and provide the intended serviceability of the structure. 

We manufacture our closed-cell Curing Blankets to meet the needs of the building site. 

WHY are THERMA-CRETE Blankets Unique?

Lightweight and easy to handle, the Therma-Crete® blankets help fresh concrete to cure in cold weather. Fresh concrete has its own heat, called heat of hydration. In many circumstances, if properly trapped and insulated, this heat will be generated in sufficient quantity to be the only source of heat necessary during a 3 day curing cycle whilst insulating it from the environment. and ambient air temperature.

Therma-Crete Blankets are designed using the Award Winning Therma-Foil Closed-Cell Foam consisting of millions of encapsulated insulatiair bubbles to form an effective Insulation Material which is laminated between a reflective radiant barrier on one side and a tough woven blue outer fabric.

Therma-Crete Curing Blankets are made in two thicknesses:  

 As Therma-Crete is made a Multi-laminate it is supplied in 50 Metre roll lengths  each 1.5 metres in width.

 There is no sewing of joints or seams to leak or unravel, no  cold spots or weak points, and no water or air can permate through the tough blue outer material. 

Closed-cell insulation means no gaps, no absorption of water if blanket is damaged. Insulation can't tear loose, shift or bunch up. 

The Blue Polypropylene fabric is an abrasive resistant outer fabric designed to protect the insulation for less likelihood of damage in service or in storage. 


Prevention is better than cure !

If frost protection is not put in place, drastic measures such as the removal and replacing the cast concrete may be required.

The Therma-Crete Concrete Curing Blankets can overcome this by maintaining the temperature of the cast concrete at early ages or by raising the core temperature of the newly-cast element to accelerate the rate of strength development of the concrete.

Existing methods are extremely antiquated and generally consume vast quantities of fuel.

Traditionally, rather than providing heat directly to the concrete, the ambient in which the

concreting is to take place is increased using hot air, and open flame blowers, within a

purpose-built temporary enclosure.

Therma-Crete Concrete Curing Blankets are re-usable, provide even temperature over their entire area.





Pre-cast Concrete

Therma-Crete  can be used to accelerate the manufacture of concrete elements in precast units, replacing existing, antiquated curing practices.

By using Therma-Crete Curing Blankets, the concrete cures far more rapidly which reduces lead times in manufacturing, cutting energy costs and improving health & safety.

Therma-Crete utilises the award winning Therma-Foil laminate materials that  has fabric-like qualities and flexibility that enable it to be used as the insulation foam is encapsulated between a tough polypropylene outer cover, and a reflective radiant barrier