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Covering Concrete is our Business

Installation and Storage

The Therma-Crete Concrete Curing Blankets can be laid on concrete after a minimum of two hours after casting. This initial delay reduces the risk of damaging the finish to the concrete and inducing internal stresses within the crystalline structure of the hydrating concrete. The blankets are designed to operate up to a maximum temperature of -30 Degrees C, gradually increasing and then maintaining the core temperature of the element throughout.



The thermal insulation effect of the Therma-Crete Blanket significantly reduces the loss of natural concrete hydration heat and thereby keeps the concrete warm long enough for a safer curing.

  • Manufactured as a multi-laminate performance insulation material comprising of a polyethylene foam.
  • Available in roll size 1.0m x 50m in either 2.5mm and 4.0mm thickness.
  • Can be rolled directly onto the wet concrete.
  • Wind conditions might necessitate the blanket being held in place by suitable loading – at contractor’s discretion.
  • Important – Blankets must not be walked on during installation and before hardening of the concrete.


  • Enhances Concrete laying in Winter as well as Summer.
  • Excellent thermal performance.
  • No water absorption.
  • Flexible at very low temperature.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Lighweight, easy to handle and cut.
  • Good mechanical resistance.
  • Fast laying from the roll.

Typical installation 
Remove the packaging, position on the slab with the roll edge parallel to the slab edge and unroll it, watching and correcting its position to eliminate possible wrinkles.

If dry spots are noted, add water under the blanket with a small diameter hose or by using a roller squeegee to move the water around. The time to remain on the slab is typically referenced in the project specifications. Most specifications require at least seven days; however this varies from a minimum of three days to 14 days for most projects; follow the project specifications. 

Laying concrete at temperatures below 5°C generally requires special precautions, such as special concrete additives, heating devices, hot vapour equipment etc. An easy, highly effective and inexpensive alternative solution is the use of thermally insulated FROST BLANKET.